XBox 360 Repair

If your XBox 360 or XBox Slim is having any of the problems listed below then we can help you. Most of the repairs can be carried out onsite at your home and at your leisure.

Loan Consoles are available if we cant fix it on site we have XBox 360 consoles that we can loan to you while yours is being fixed so you can carry on gaming.

Xbox having difficulty playing games or reading DVDs
XBox360 Not Reading Discs                                  29.99 - 3 Month Warranty
XBox 360 Not Playing Games                                29.99 - 3 Month Warranty

Has you DVD disc drive jammed shut, is it continually opening all the time, does it struggle to open?
XBox 360 Drive Service                               From 24.99 - 3 Month Warranty

Xbox 360 Slim having difficulty playing games or reading DVDs?
360 Slim Not Reading Discs                                  34.99 - 3 Month Warranty
360 Slim Not Playing Games                                 34.99 - 3 Month Warranty

XBox 360 Phat Drive Replacement                       Depends on drive Call for advice
XBox 360 Slim Drive  Replacement                      Depends on drive Call for advice

360 iXtreme Flashing                                          N/A
360 RGH Console Fitting Service                           N/A

If your opening your XBox why not have a ROL RF Board mod done at the same time change the led colours of your RF Board to any combination you like
Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Green darker than Xbox green

ROL RF Board Mod                                                5

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